Up with Upzoning, with NYBC’s Carlo Scissura

In April 2012, the first “Avengers” movie came out in which the area around Grand Central Terminal got totally destroyed. That same month – in real life – New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed some dramatic changes to the same area. He wanted to rezone Midtown East in order to improve the office buildings in the neighborhood and keep attracting top tenants. That plan was at first voted down and then revived, and now, more than five years later, the Midtown East rezoning is set to be approved by the City Council Land Use Committee on July 27. New York Building Congress President and CEO Carlo Scissura joins us for the second podcast in a three part series to talk about the rezoning of East Midtown, projects around the city, and why he’s asking for more taxes.

This podcast is part two of a three podcast series with the NYBC.

C&S Events: How MWBE Can Help Your Business

Government contracting isn’t all about guns and ammo and construction. Businesses like printers and restaurants can get in the game too.

The New York City government wants to give more contracts to businesses owned by woman and racial minorities, but despite the high goals meant to combat historical inequity, the city has a long way to go. A panel of experts in the MWBE contracting field talked about that issue and more at City & State’s On Diversity conference on June 27th. The panel also discussed how getting MWBE certified can help your business, what benefits this contracting brings to the government and other entities like the Brooklyn Chamber, and even took a look at a new law that could help boost MWBE contracting.