C&S Special – Back to Healthier Schools

It’s back to school time and New York City kids will have a host of new opportunities this year when it comes to physical health and wellness. Mayor de Blasio has directed a large chunk of cash toward improving opportunities for children, and nonprofits are also stepping up their efforts.  On today’s special podcast, we talk with Lindsey Harr, executive director of the Office of School Wellness Programs at the city Department of Education, and Rachel Pratt, senior vice president of youth and community services at New York Road Runners, about what’s new this year.

NYN Media Podcast: CEO Corner with David R. Jones

The Community Service Society has been working to end the cycle of poverty since 1843 and has been weighing in on affordability issues since well before reducing income inequality and the housing crisis became major policy points.  Those listening might know its president, David R. Jones, from his advocacy over affordable transportation, summer jobs for students, rent hikes, reducing the cost of college and a host of other issues.  Jones joins us to discuss these issues and more.

NYN Media Podcast: At The Board Table with Alice Tisch and Jenny Lyss

Just four months after FEGS, one of the largest well-respected social services agencies in the city, imploded, sending shockwaves through New York’s nonprofit community, the Jewish Board of Family and Childrens’ Services stepped in. They absorbed about $75 million of their programming and an additional 8,000 clients and became what is likely now the largest social services agency in the city.  What convinced the Jewish Board to take on this massive task on behalf of their fellow UJA-Federation agency?  Alice Tisch, president of the board, and board vice-president Jenny Lyss join us to discuss.

C&S Events – On Education: Standards and Testing: What Works, What Doesn’t

On Wednesday, August 17th, City & State held its On Education event, which included guest panels featuring top level officials in city and state government, among other experts.

The first panel of the day dealt with Standards and Testing: What Works and What Doesn’t … It was put together by City & State in conjunction with one of our sponsors, High Achievement New York.

We thought we’d bring that panel to you here, in full.

It was moderated by WNYC’s contributing editor for education Beth Fertig and included:
MaryEllen Elia, Commissioner for the New York State Education Department,
Betty Rosa, Chancellor of the New York State Board of Regents,
Victor Valentine, Senior Director of Programs & Evaluations at New York Urban League,
Scott Sargrad, Managing Director of Education at the Center for American Progress,
and Suraj Gopal, a STEM Special Education Teacher at the Hudson High School of Learning and Technologies.

NYN Media Podcast: CEO Corner – Accessibility Challenges

The number of New Yorkers and Americans suffering from visual impairments is expected to grow dramatically over the next few years.  How will organizations cope with that challenge? We talked with two leaders helping to improve life for visually impaired New Yorkers.  In Part I, our editor-at-large Aimee Simpierre talks to Joseph Bruno, the president and CEO of Helen Keller Services for the blind, about how he adapted his political experience as former commissioner of the FDNY and later the Office of Emergency Management to lead the organization the provides services to the visually impaired.

In Part II, we speak with Nancy D. Miller of Visions Services for the blind about making people aware of services they can qualify for, and the struggle to try to get the state to license vision rehabilitation and orientation and mobility workers.

C&S Events – On Transportation: Funding NY Transportation

Earlier this month we held our On Transportation event, bringing together leaders in the transit industry. One of the panels dealt with funding transportation in New York and we thought we’d bring it to you here. It featured: Congressman Jerrold Nadler, state Senator Leroy Comrie, Assemblyman David Weprin, and Denise Richardson, Executive Director of the General Contractors Association of NY. The panel was moderated by Michael M. Fancher from the SUNY Polytechnic Institute.

CSR Panel – Sustainability

On July 28th, City & State Reports held its corporate social responsibility awards in sustainability.  The event featured an expert panel moderated by Kevin V. G. Wells, Senior Executive at Nima Hunter.  The panel also included Bridget Anderson, Deputy Commissioner for Recycling and Sustainability for New York City; Harry Etra, Director of Code Green Solutions; and Joseph Doolan, Head of Environmental Affairs at TD Bank.

NYN Media Podcast: CEO Corner with Jane Heaphy

Parents, grandparents, caretakers. All are critical stakeholders in the successful education of a child. But how to get them engaged in that process? Jane Heaphy is the CEO of Learning Leaders, which bills itself as New York City’s largest and most experienced nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging families and communities to support student success.  Every year they engage more than four thousand volunteers, 50% of whom speak a language other than English at home, to make a difference in the lives of 120,000 public school students, most from low-income communities. How do they do it? We answer that in our CEO Corner podcast.