Hitting the Books: A Conversation About Education – SPONSORED by High Achievement New York

Politicians have been batting Common Core and teacher testing around like a piñata for years in New York. What often gets lost is the perspective of educators. In this podcast we talk with Mark Anderson, a Middle School special education teacher from the Bronx, and Lisa DiGaudio, a high school principal from Brooklyn, to get their perspective on topics from the goals of common core, to the best way to implement a curriculum, the misinformation many parents have about testing and get their take on how testing should be used to evaluate teachers.

Sponsored by High Achievement New York

50 years later, John Lindsay staffers discuss mayor’s legacy

It has been 50 years since John Lindsay was first elected mayor of New York City. By all accounts, he was a remarkable politician and campaigner with captivating charisma.  He’s often brought comparisons to JFK and more recently to Bill de Blasio.  His time as mayor was a mixed bag though.  A lot of grand ideas and harsh fiscal realities as well as racial tensions plagued his time in office.  Three people who worked for mayor Lindsay joined us to discuss his time in office: Betsy Gotbaum, who went on to be the public advocate, Sid Davidoff, now a partner at the law firm Davidoff, Hutcher & Citron, and Gordon Davis, who is now a partner at the law firm Venable LLP.